Wishbone Rings: Unveiling the Perfect Finger for Your Symbolic Style

Wishbone Rings: Unveiling the Perfect Finger for Your Symbolic Style

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A wishbone ring, also known as a V-shaped ring or chevron ring features a distinct V-shaped design. Famed for their minimalist design (the shape resembles that of a wishbone, hence the name), wishbone rings are a popular choice for engagement rings. These versatile jewelry pieces can be paired with other jewelry pieces. Wishbone jewelry gained popularity in the early 1900s when people started hanging a wishbone on their door in the hopes of finding a partner.

More Than an Aesthetic Element

Chevron means rafter in French. Rafters are protective roofs of houses. When paired with wedding or engagement rings, wishbone rings act as rafters for them, protecting the center stone against damage and preventing the entire structure from snagging or slipping.

The Believe

It is believed that when two people pull and break the wishbone in a chicken or turkey (on Thanksgiving), the person left with the bigger part of the wishbone will get a ‘lucky break’, and their wishes will come true. If the bone breaks from the middle, both people will have good luck. For this reason, a wishbone ring is believed to bring good luck to the wearer.

How to Wear a Wishbone Ring?

Many people prefer putting on their wishbone ring after their wedding ring with the ‘V’ pointing towards their wrist. There is no right or wrong way to wear a wishbone ring. You can wear your wishbone ring as a fashion piece on any of your fingers with the ‘V’ pointing either way.

Why are Wishbone Rings so Popular?

Wishbone rings are believed to bring fortune and good luck. You can gift a wishbone ring to a loved one on their birthday or anniversary.

Here are some reasons why wishbone rings are gaining popularity.

Unique Shape

Thanks to the unique shape of a wishbone ring, it can either be worn alone as a statement piece or stacked with an engagement or wedding ring. Its V shape ensures a perfect fit, protecting the engagement/wedding ring against scratches and enhancing the overall look. The V shape adds a touch of modernity, making these rings an ideal choice for people who want to express their individuality or make a style statement through their jewelry.


A jeweler can use different metals, gemstones or engravings to make a one of a kind fishbone ring that complements your fashion style or symbolizes a special occasion.


The unique V shape of a wishbone ring allows for more space around the base of the finger in which it is worn, preventing discomfort even if the ring is worn everyday.

Enhance the Appearance of Engagement Rings

If you are engaged or married, a wishbone ring can complement your engagement ring or wedding band. The unique V shape of the ring can frame the center stone, enhancing its appearance.

Selecting a Wishbone Ring

Here are some tips to help you select the right wishbone ring for yourself or a loved one.

Select a Metal

Wishbone rings utilize different metals including gold, silver, and platinum. Look for a wishbone ring that is made from a metal that suits your skin tone and lifestyle. Gold is durable and symbolizes power and wealth in many cultures. Platinum is more hypoallergenic than gold and silver is the most affordable among these metal choices.

Choose the Right fit

Wishbone rings have a unique shape and may fit differently than other rings, which is why it’s a good idea to try on different sizes. If necessary, consult a jeweler.

Consider the Arrangement of Stones

Wishbone rings can come with diamonds or other gemstones. If you opt for a wishbone ring with stones, check their type, quality, and arrangement. Understand how the setting of stones can affect the ring’s overall look and its ability to be paired with other rings.

Ask About Warranties and Maintenance Services

Look for a jeweler who stands behind their products and offers product warranties. Make sure they can resize, clean, and repair your wishbone ring if required.

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